Eatonton First General Officers

In the United Methodist Church, clergy and laity partner together to lead the church. Each year the church elects from our membership individuals to serve on standing and programmatic committees that direct the life of our church.


With COVID19 we have not been able to get a Group Photo of the 2020 Lay Leaders

Below is a list of our 2020 General Officers.

Lay Leaders:

Stewart Rodeheaver

Susan Usry


Pastor:  Rev. David Wofford


Lay Member, Annual Conference:

Gerrye Jenkins


Alternate: Ted Jenkins


Treasurer:  Linda Moore

Asst.Treas:  Melinda West

Administrative Assistant: Kelly Ward


Financial Secretary: Cynthia Fuller


Recording Secretary: Kay Dickinson


Sunday Sch. Supt: Amy Lowery


President - UMW: Lynn Gary


President - UMM: Rex Corlett


At Large Members:

Wendell Lyle (20)

Ann Tyson (20)

Dan Kelhoffer (20)

Al Fain (21)

Grayson Huskins (21)

Bonnie Little (21)

Jenna Mullis (22)