At Eatonton FMC we believe that the worship of God is the work of the people of God.  We have a variety of ways to meaningfully participate in the worship life of our church.  Reach out and let Pastor David know if you would like to serve.

Ushers and Greeters

Serve on rotating teams of volunteers to make our services accessible and welcoming. Their responsibilities include passing out bulletins, helping others find a seat, welcoming everyone to worship, collecting the offering, and helping direct other in receiving communion.

Communion Servers

Embody the importance of laity participation in and facilitation of worship.   This group assists Pastor David in the serving of the communion elements.  We have two communion stations at each service.  You will serve the gathered congregation either the grape juice from the cup or off them a piece of communion bread.

Altar Guild

Beautify our spaces of worship for Sunday services as well as special services for Holy Week, Easter, and Christmas. The Altar Guild is a group of volunteers who coordinate and assist with the sacred elements, special events, and regular worship of the church. Guild members often work behind the scenes on tasks such as arranging the altars and communion tables with appropriate cloths, vessels, elements and symbols of the season. 

For information regarding the Altar Guild, call church the church office at